Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is an NGO for the public benefit providing wide range of quality services to over 1000 member and non-member companies to help develop and expand their businesses, both at home and internationally. The chamber has expertise in organization of business trainings, workshops and seminars on various topics such as company environmental awareness tools & schemes, business idea screening; business plan development; start-up investor readiness, responsible research, innovation process and more.

Eurocrea Merchant SRL

Eurocrea Merchant is a consulting and training company based in Italy, with two offices located in Milan and Naples. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness of the European society, through business development, training and creation of transnational partnerships. The company’s expertise are consulting and advisoring for SMEs, education and training (in the field of business development, HR, organizational management and internationalization) and European projects.


IDEC is a training consulting company located in Piraeus, Greece. Its activities consist of training, management consulting, quality assurance, evaluation and development of ICT solutions for both private and public sector. Clients of IDEC are both SMEs and the bigger Greek companies of a wide variety of sectors. It co-operates with more than 800 institutes all through Europe and with about 300 experts on specific fields. IDEC participated in over 200 European projects in the past 30 years. It currently has 16 employees under employment contract and approx. 4 interns per year.

Emphasys Centre

Emphasys Centre began operating in 1998. It currently operates as an «ICT Educational and Vocational Centre» and a «European Research Centre», that cooperates closely with various organisations in Europe for the implementation of EU projects. The «Emphasys Centre» is approved by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture as an Educational and Vocational Centre specialising in the field of ICT. It has recently established the Coding and Robotics Unit fully equipped with new technology tools (tablets, Edison, Lego Mindstorms, Lego Boost, Arduino, COSME, etc.) to promote new digital skills for the world of work.

Association of Educational Services “OpenEurope”

OpenEurope is a non-for-profit organisation with the main office in Reus (Catalonia, Spain). It is an education and training centre offering informal and non-formal learning opportunities to young people and youth workers and helping them participate in European programmes. It also aims at promoting youth participation in social projects and programmes at a local level (cultural integration, volunteering, entrepreneurship…).

Babele Create Together

BABELE CREATE TOGETHER SRL is a Romanian company specialized in open innovation for social good. The mission of the company is to enable the participation and engagement of social innovation actors, citizens, civil society and CSR driven companies in the strategy of social good projects. The company provides a product and a set of services. The product is an open innovation platform ( to support social innovators in the development of their strategy by combining open business modelling with peer-learning and crowd-mentoring.

Institut Gabriel Ferranter i Soler

Gabriel Ferrater is a private high school with a great variety of studies offered to around 900 students who come mainly from Reus but also from smaller towns nearby. The school offers four lines of compulsory education groups and seven lines of post-compulsory education groups: Humanities, Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Studies of Arts and Crafts.

Leonardo Da Vinci public school

Leonardo da Vinci School can share its good experience and practice with its partners in the region by working with both parents and the community in town. The school has got some experience in applying cross-curricula approach. The school curriculum is characterized by a series of projects to enrich the educational offer, which combine the cognitive side with the affective and motivational, with a view to interdisciplinarity and entrepreneurship.