Desire Training Course

Discover Desire Training Course on Social Entrepreneurship

The training course is composed of different modules to develop skills and competences in different areas of work. The platform is available here! The partners developed an informative infographic, to let you know what’s in it in the language you want! 

The competence guide

The competence guide is about social entrepreneurship.

It is based on a previous research about social entrepreneurs eco-systems in the participating countries with the scope of developing a complete pedagogical framework  and curriculum structure model  for teachers that will be able to use it for their training.

The case study book

The case study book contains the preliminary activity necessary to create the final guide.

It consists in a collection of interviews and researches made by Desire team about valid examples of social entrepreneurs. On the bases of the results obtained, it was possible to understand which are the main characteristic at personal level  a social entrepreneur must need to be successful!

DESIRE leaflet

Our leaflet has been developed and translated into 6 European languages. It gathers a description of the aim, outputs, target audiences of the project, such as a presentation of its team. You can now download it in the language you want!