The DESIRE Training Course on Social Entrepreneurship is finally online on the DESIRE e-learning platform!

The training course is meant to be delivered in a blended form, partly on the platform and partly through face-to-face activities. Addressed to students of 12-15 years old and their teachers, the course offers a training methodology for the development of 65 important skills and competences, a teacher’s guide to facilitate the learning process, and free access to eight modules of tailored training available in six languages covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
  • DESIRE Idea Lab
  • Customer Development
  • Value Proposition
  •  Social Business Model
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources and Networking
  • Fundraising and financing

The e-learning platform allows to organise our participants into stakeholders’ circle and assign different levels of privacy access to projects, files, and assignments, depending on everyone’s role in the program. Furthermore, it allows to manage communication effectively: by sending private messages to individuals or creating newsletters to communicate with one or more users’ circles.

Users can be filtered by skills & competencies, interests, and geographical location: so that innovators can easily find the right experts to move forward. They can also book meetings and create events for mentorship sessions, which are synced with the participants’ Outlook / iCal / Gcalendar.

Finally, the platform has a shared database for relevant files and documents, which is also integrated with Google Drive & Dropbox. In the learning community, the Platform team can upload docs, files, videos, learning material and other relevant resources for the success of the program. Projects have their own database where they can share the dedicated resources about the social enterprise idea and customize the privacy settings so that only the right people have access to it.

The software also provides a forum, which gathers in 1 place the hot threads, discussions, challenges, and debates on the participants. Such discussions can be open to everyone in the network (to foster participation, cross pollination of ideas and knowledge transfer), or can be private. They provide an ideal environment to organise sessions of collective ideation and collaborative problem solving and collect lessons learnt and best practices arising from the DESIRE project. They replace hard-to-follow email chains, keeping the entire conversation about a specific topic on a single page.

If you are a teacher, you can easily register for free on the e-learning platform and invite your students to join the workspace! 

Visit the e-learning platform here!